Book Report #1

  • Brendan Kane starts this book out by telling the readers exactly who he is, in order to gain their trust and keep them engaged for the rest of his insightful writing and tips. Kane is a business and digital growth strategist who has worked for several Fortune 500 companies in part, to help them enhance their brand image digitally (through social networks). Receiving two degrees from Columbia College Chicago and Augustana College, Kane has a muti-digital background in digital marketing and social media branding to his name. While working with Fortune 500 companies, Kane delves into working with brands and celebrities as well, in order to help them engage with and find new audiences. Some of the companies he has worked with include MTV, Vice, IKEA, and many others in hopes to share his unique knowledge of digital branding and looks to find ways on how to advise them to grow their digital audiences. Lastly, Kane has also built multiple platforms for A-list celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Charles Barkley, Rihanna, and others. With all of this experience at hand, Brendan Kane informs readers in the introduction that he is a reliable source for writing this book and gives readers hope that he can show them the ability to grow a massive social media following in all of only 30 days.
  • In his introduction, Kane explains how Justin Bieber is a perfect example of someone who mastered the art of taking over digital media. By creating simple Youtube videos of himself covering songs from popular artists at the time, Bieber became one of the most recognizable stars on the planet. With this, Kane even admits that Bieber did not do anything ultra innovative either. Simply, Kane explains that all you really need to know for gaining a following is behind the message. You need to know what makes people want to share your message. When one person shares your message, your exposure grows rapidly, eventually reaching hundreds of their friends and can potentially reach those friends of friends as well. This means that your content could become a sort of “friendship paradox” that just keeps growing and growing. This also means the more people share your content, the quicker you grow.
  • Kane explains to readers that every single day, there are more than 60 billion messages being shared and sent throughout all digital platforms. His point being that, in the era in which we live today, ANYBODY has the ability to build an authentic, sociable following of one million followers on multiple networks like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, and many others. We are not in an era anymore where the only people that can gain a massive following are A-list celebrities.
  • With the information Kane shares on gaining a massive social following, he gives his foundation of methodology with 3 key steps. The key to scaling a massive audience in the shortest time possible is to produce digital content and then test and measure how people are responding to your content in real time. The 3-step key mantra Kane explains is: Hypothesize, Test, Pivot.
  • Most of the information I gave was just the synopsis of what the book really explains in a general aspect of digital networking and gaining a social following. However, the key takeaways I took from this book and what Kane emphasizes on the most is his mantra for gaining a massive social following.




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